The Company

PADE is the recognized leader in the construction of special machines for the industry of wood, plastics, aluminum and in general, of non-ferrous materials.

Founded in 1965, PADE has launched hundreds of models of machines that have marked each historical period: from purely mechanical machines, to the present CNC work centres completely automated.

Markets have changed from then, along with the geography of the clients, and the philosophy of this industry. The initial spirit of PADE however, has remained unchanged.

The products are designed and built according to very solid criterions of engineering. The aim is to offer a complete range with dedicated solutions applied to the needs of each industry.

PADE is proud and fully conscious of the Italian mechanical tradition, and believes that this innovative genius still remains a competitive factor worldwide.

All the machines and solutions are engineered and manufactured in the factory in Cabiate (Como).

PADE has invested a lot in professional skills that has enabled it to offer the market a continuous wide range of innovative and competitive solutions backed by a competent and prompt service.