applications for increased productivity

pade easy

An exclusive software application for simplifying the use of PADE work centres.

Main characteristics:

  • Optimisation of the trajectory of the the rapid tool movements. This characteristic optimises and speeds up the main program.
  • Rototranslation of machining in work-planes directly at the machine without need the operator to modify the program in the CAD/CAM station.
  • PreStarting of the tool while another is currently working, to reduce to the minimum the time for tool changing while working.
  • 3D tool radium compensation in space.
  • Immediate execution of the single operations inside the main program.
  • Operation sequence editing directly at the machine.
  • Integration of the basic operations, holes, mortises, tenons etc in the main program without the need of the CAD/CAM station.
  • The functions that are directly insertable in the program can be modified at the machine.


Easy, intuitive, visual: the indispensable software for the efficient managing of PADE work-centres.

  • It verifies the real feasibility of the work pieces
  • It evidences in real time any eventual collision, with the possibility of quickly researching alternative routing.
  • It calculates the real cycle time before proceeding in equipping the machine.

The necessary equipments (i.a. pneumatic clamps of various type, fixtures, etc) can be logistically parametrized for correct positioning on the machine table.

tele service

Remote service.

With Teleservice the client receives assistance direct by remote link. It is therefore possible for Service Assistance at PADE to diagnose the machine (power packs, servo drivers, electronic boards, etc). Let alone component programming directly from the office.