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The UINZE series of machines are the ideal solution for shaping and sanding elements in solid wood. Its modular design allows varying the configuration according to the required application. Hundreds of users all over the world are our best reference about the machines durability and reliability. The most common applications are: chairs, tables, furniture elements, sports items such as skis, skateboards, etc.

The mortise and tenon system guarantees robust joints with low cost production. Pade has manufactured thousands of this type of machine since the 1960’s to current production. The range has been integrated during the last few years with the application of the NC technology to respond to the needs of fastest changeover times.

The dowel system is ideal when jointing parts with critical angles and when a profile is needed (such as joints with round parts). This series includes single side and double sided machines, both with manual and automatic loading/unloading systems. The NC technology allows you to manage the automatic positioning of all axis creating greatly reduced changeover times.